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Warmest greetings from the Bali International Arbitration and Mediation Center (BIAMC). As the CEO and Founder, it is my singular privilege to invite you to become part of the first ever Bali Arbitration Week (BAW) by becoming a sponsor. We have carefully crafted a 5-day collage of events centered on the promotion, recognition, and progression of international arbitration.

Our inaugural week scheduled November 18th-22nd begins with the 2019 Bali Arbitration Summit themed: Technology in Dispute Revolution-Navigating the 4th Industrial Revolution on Monday. The excitement certainly doesn’t end there! On Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ve put together tri-merge full-day events that explore the most cutting-edge topics in international arbitration today from ODR to cryptocurrency. On Thursday, we ramp it up to offer unprecedented access to multiple foreign chambers of commerce and companies of the countries most actively engaged in cross-border business in Indonesia to reveal investment insights from those on the ground in Indonesia’s key industry sectors. We close out the week with what stands to be the largest jointly organized young arbitrator event ever outside of Europe in the 2019 Young Arbitrator Forum: Harnessing the Power of Fresh Innovation. But even that’s not all-we have other affairs such as a formal gala dinner, beach reception, private sponsored breakfasts and dinners, book exhibition talks, and, of course, amazing activities and tours for you and your family to enjoy throughout the week. It just wouldn’t be a trip to Bali without taking in at least some of the many sites, indulgences, and adventures Bali has to offer. Clearly, we’ve ensured our week is packed with high-interest, industry-relevant events that will give you the visibility your sponsorship deserves.

Held in conjunction with the Balinese Ministries at the close of the IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings in October, our first 2018 Summit enjoyed impressive attendance that spanned 20 countries and included notable executives, high-ranking diplomats and government officials, in-house counsel (both from domestic and multinational companies), lawyers (both from Indonesian and international law firms), and renowned academics. This year, we expect to fully capitalize on the undeniable, unparalleled, and unfinished effects of those Meetings and plan to triple the amount of countries in attendance!

Truth be told, Indonesia has never been more visible and well-positioned to leverage its young and expanding labor force, the rapid growth of its digital economy, and its growing role in the global economy. The conditions are ripe for Indonesia to take its place within the international arbitration landscape. Seize the opportunity to not only participate in but to also align yourself with Indonesia’s unquestionable trajectory!

I personally welcome you to this year’s events, and I do hope you give the BAW sponsorship opportunities the serious consideration they merit.

See you in paradise!

Naz Juman Gulinazaer
Founding Chair/CEO

Bali Arbitration Week (BAW) Sponsorship-Paying it Forward

While we refer to a literal interpretation of this pop culture phrase in the form of financial support, the fact is that all of us in the arbitration industry are in it together. When one of us grows, we all do. Truth be told, BIAMC’s entire mission is centered around this belief. Thus, we believe in ‘Paying it Back’ too. We are truly capacity-driven; we reinvest all sponsorship funds and the efforts they enable into the development of the greater arbitration and mediation community. So sponsoring BIAMC, especially for BAW, is in essence directly and indirectly catalyzing and supporting your own firm’s short- and long-term growth. In fact, we offer 3-phase value – before, during, and after BAW – so your sponsorship delivers sustained benefits.

As if you needed more reasons to sponsor BAW, right? Well, just in case, take a look below:

  • Industry Leader - Opportunity to position your firm as an industry leader in and promoter of arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in general.
  • Exposure - Large scale brand and participation exposure; the 2019 Bali Summit expects over 300 international delegates alone.
  • Networking - Myriad of opportunities to meet key international and domestic opinion leaders, decision makers, and ADR practitioners.
  • Exclusive Insights - Acquire beneficial intelligence on the inner-workings of the arbitration circles in Indonesia and Indonesia’s key industries.
  • Stay Relevant - Grasp new developments and contemporary issues affecting all aspects of the global arbitration climate.

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