2019 Bali Arbitration Week

Taking FIVE has never been more exciting!

After our 2018 Bali Arbitration Summit held at the close of the IMF and World Bank Annual meetings enjoyed such success, we at the Bali Arbitration and Mediation Center (BIAMC) decided to throw caution to the wind and give notable executives, high-ranking diplomats and government officials, in-house counsel (both from domestic and multinational companies), lawyers (both from Indonesian and international law firms), and renowned academics a few more reasons to return to Bali this year-exactly FIVE more.

Our 2019 Bali Arbitration Week (BAW) is a FIVE-DAY collage of events centered on the promotion, recognition, and progression of international arbitration. Intent on delivering irrefutable value, we have secured the most influential speakers, experts, and industry leaders to explore avantgarde themes arising in today’s technology-driven dispute resolution landscape on each of the FIVE days-our calendar of events simply won’t disappoint. After all, the 4th Industrial Revolution is here whether we are ready or not.

There’s no denying the fact that lives will change. To name but a few pertinent trends, experts anticipate millions of 5G handphones and modems to be sold in the coming years; artificial intelligence is expected to make millions of jobs, including in the legal field, to become redundant; e-sports is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, which reaches three digit million viewers for the most important competitions; the proliferation of cryptocurrency has redefined what’s possible to buy and sell worldwide.

Because of the emerging myriad of aspects to consider in cross-border projects often including their international dimension and size, the spend and dependency on technology, and number of stakeholders involved, many complex questions arise. In line with the increased complexity, managing legal and business relationships requires specific knowledge, especially when deals go wrong, partnerships turn sour, and plans are foiled.

Attending BAW will give you the insight you need each and every day to maneuver successfully whether you are a business owner, a member of in-house counsel team, a private attorney, a government official, an international arbitrator/mediator, an investor, or a professional involved with dispute resolution.

So, take FIVE in Bali — don’t be left behind! Register now.